Shapes that are neither ceramic pieces nor plastic objects but mutate into organic sensual beings float timelessly in space.

These artificial rocks hanging on threads are the result of a metaphorical crystallization process in which thoughts have structured themselves into solid objects - an in-teraction of organic materials such as clay and porcelain and inorganic ones such as polyester resin and glass fibers.

In the course of this process of thought and design, a new materiality has emerged that has signified two different intensities in the working process.

There are pieces on display that have gone through different phases of manual shaping (handliches Einwirken) before crystallizing into a new form.

Working with clay takes time and periods of rest, and through the firing and subsequent hardening different crystal structures interlocked. Polyester resin and glass fibers had to emerge under (time) pressure so that crystalline structures could form.
These differences between the various materials were felt and interlinked.
Together, however, they act in space detached from their place and (time) space of origin.